To mark the centenary of the First World War, East Staffordshire Borough Council has drawn up a plan to commemorate the Great War, coinciding with national, regional and local commemorative events which are planned to mark this occasion.


PoppyThe plan sets out a programme of activities that the Council will undertake in 2014 and beyond, utilising its own resources and working closely with partners. The Council’s Neighbourhood Working team will be leading the The plan aims to take advantage of Council’s physical assets to host Great War themed events, exhibitions and interpretation activities. The Council will work closely with local communities to increase participation in the Great War commemorations and will work in partnership with a host of organisations and individuals to deliver a wide range of activities and events.


The plan will not only commemorate the start of the war and events in 1914 but will run for four years, recognising the events which led to end of the war Throughout the centenary, the Council will run a programme of themed events at Burton Town Hall, Brewhouse Arts Centre and at our leisure centres as well develop a programme of story walks around the Washlands. The Council will also support local projects through its Neighbourhood Development Fund.


More events and activities will be added to the plan over the next four years.


Councillor Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Service Commissioning, said: “As an elected member, I feel it’s vital the Council marks the centenary of the First World War by paying respect and providing many opportunities for the community to pay their tributes accordingly to the outstanding brave servicemen who fought on behalf of this Country.


“The Council’s plan will raise awareness of the Great War centenary across East Staffordshire through a series of events and activities. We are also encouraging local communities to develop their own plans and the Council has set aside some funds to support activities and events.”


More details on the Council’s plan will be issued shortly and will be available on the Council’s website.