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Event Date and Time
Wed 14 August
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Tutbury Institute



English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement afte...

English: An Agapanthus flower arrangement after blooming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tutbury Flower Club Workshop

Held at Tutbury Institute, High Street, Tutbury, Burton upon Trent,
DE13 9LS


Contact Telephone for Bookings or More Info: 01283 813856 /

Wednesday 14th August, commences 7.30 pm.

Visitors £4 payable at door.

Tutbury Flower Club workshop being held at Tutbury Institute on
Wednesday 14th August. All welcome regardless of age skill or gender.
Just come to look or if you wish to give it a try telephone 01283
813856 for what to bring. You could surprise yourselves and your


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