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Event Date and Time
Tue 29 January
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

107 Station Street



Sales Training using 21st Century Communication Skills

at 107 Station St Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 1

Event Dates and Times:
Tuesday 29th January 2013
10am  –  4pm

Admission Price:
Special price with 63% discount  £149 +vat


Contact Telephone for Bookings or More Info: 07757249259
or book online at http://salestraining21stcentury.eventbrite.com/

Event Details
If you have ever felt unconfident about you’re ability to sell or persuade & Influence anyone to your point of view this is the course for you!


GUARANTEED to give you the ability to;
•       Exceed your sales targets
•       Improve your conversion rates
•       Overcome objections
•       Reduce your limiting beliefs
•       Obtain ‘instant’ rapport with anyone
•       Improve your questioning techniques & Active listening skills
•       Identify different personalities & adapt

Using 21st century communication techniques including the Psychology of sales Hypnotic language, the 8 keys of covert persuasion that get buyers to BUY from you and others to be persuaded by you.
Over the last 20 years selling has changed significantly, the old techniques no longer work, buyers are more savvy, they’ve read the same books as us, watched the same dvd’s, so what can we do different?

The approach we look at here moves selling into the 21st century. TODAY it’s all about PERSUASION & INFLUENCING Who Will benefit from attending this course anyone who feels they would like to improve their ability to persuade some one else to a different point of view, including, sales people, including, Field sales people, business to business sales people, sales people who need a refresher because they would like better results, new sales people, account managers, commercial managers.

Instant training is a leading uk provider of SALES training courses all courses use psychology to improve and develop rapport, communication, influencing/persuasion skills, negotiating and selling techniques. twenty-first century tools such as psycholinguistics, Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP), psychology & hypnotic language are needed for 21st century challenges and instant training will ensure you will have fun in the process too. competitions, games, case studies, real life scenarios are all be part of the classroom experience.

What will you gain by attending this course?

By the the end of the course you will feel extremely confident in your ability to persuade ANYONE, your sales conversion rates will rocket to exciting levels and your targets for 2013 will melt away.




Having searched the internet for a modern and innovative method of Sales Training, I came across NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Nigel Heald. After an initial introduction into NLP from Nigel, I decided to go ahead and try to teach an established Sales force in the NLP way of thinking. I can unreservedly say that all of the Sales force have benefitted from the training. Their approach to their job and their attitude along with the new business generated has proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks! I would recommend Nigel and NLP training to any company that is looking for a new motivational tool for their Staff.
– Alan Green Cordstarp Ltd


Nigel has fantastic ways to share his knowledge of Sales & Marketing through his training courses. His motivation and enthusiasm are highly contagious and his very personalised approach offers a real edge in the training & development industry. I would recommend Nigel Heald to anyone who look for business growth and personal development
– Pascal Maunand


Nigel’s sales training course has changed significantly the way our sales people approach their sales roles, they are far more confident now and are achieving far greater results from their efforts too.
Everyone benefited from the course including some of our older more experienced people who I thought might have been more reticent to try new ideas, I have now thanks to Nigel a more successful, confident and motivated sales force, as a team they are now 175% UP on last years sales thanks to the techniques Nigel taught. We are all looking forward to the next course on advanced techniques.  – DLL –
Everyday Essentials, Lincoln


Having had the enjoyable experience of attending a number of Nigel’s training courses, I would recommend Nigel to anyone. I always find the detail and information given is very clear and easy to take in. More importantly the information received always remains stored! I guess this is Nigel putting the hypnotic language to good use!! Or maybe it is the relaxed atmosphere he creates. I have also seen great changes within members of my team since receiving training from Nigel. I look forward to the next training session
– Dan Worsell

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