Send your What’s On event details to us using this page and it will not only be added to the InBurton What’s On page (InBurton has over 18,000 visitors every month), but it will also be tweeted to over 1950 Twitter followers and posted on the What’s On in Burton and Swadlincote Facebook page with over 1600 ‘Likes’.


What does it cost?
It is totally FREE to add your events.

Can any event be added as a ‘What’s On’?
We do reserve the right not to add any entry that we feel is unsuitable for our website visitors but generally anything from live music in a pub to a coffee morning and a pub quiz to live theatre can be added. We will try to list as many events as possible at any one time but unfortunately cannot guarantee that any particular event will be listed.

How much information can I add about my event?
One very big advantage of the InBurton What’s On page over other advertising mediums is that you can add as much information as you wish. Remember that a person looking at details of your event may know nothing about you and so it is best to give them sufficient information about your pub, club etc and your event to tempt them into paying you a visit.   Note: We don’t usually include links to other websites in the what’s on listings. You can send a website link in your event description but please don’t be disappointed if the link doesn’t appear.

What if my ‘What’s On’ lasts for more than one day or repeats every week?
If your event is on consecutive days (for example a theatre play) then your entry will include the start and finish dates to show that the event covers that period of time.
If your event is something that is repeated weekly (for example a weekly pub quiz) then make sure you note that in the Event Dates and Times box and I will add it as a recurring event for up to 3 months. At the end of the 3 month, if you want the event to appear again, just drop me an email and I’ll list it for another 3 months.

I have a poster or image for the event. Can I send that too?
Yes, adding a poster or image will help the event to stand out so when you’ve sent the event details using the form below, please email the poster to me at using the title of the event as the email subject.  I can’t accept just a poster without the info on the form below though.

How do I add my event (or events)?
Simply send us your event details by comleting the form below and .  (Alternatively, if you can’t use the form for some reason, then please send an email to   with the same info that is requested on the form).


Add Your Event Here


When I’ve received your event details I’ll get it added as soon as time permits – this is usually within 48 hours but if your event is not within the next few weeks I will always add the closer events first.

I look forward to helping you to publicise your event.

Best regards,