People of all ages across Burton on Trent and East Staffordshire are being asked to take extra time to consider their health during this year’s Self Care Week.

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Self Care Week 2012 runs from the 12th November 2012 and this year’s theme is Self Care for Life – Growing Older Healthily.

The week, which has become a national annual event, is being supported by East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which joins together 19 GP practices across the Burton and Uttoxeter areas.

Burton GP, Dr Charles Pidsley, Chief Clinical Officer of the CCG said: “This year’s theme is intended to encourage people of all ages to think about and take responsibility for their health.

“You, and not your doctor, have the most impact on your health. It really is never too early or too late to start making decisions about leading a healthier lifestyle, and about educating yourself about health issues.”

Important life-stages identified in this year’s campaign include:

Children – are sponges and soak up information on issues like healthy eating and exercise that stays with them for life. They also love to talk about what they’ve learned and that can have an impact on older family members
Teenagers – make decisions about issues like smoking and drinking that lay down the foundations for their future health
Reaching for a century – more and more people are living to a very advanced age, so you can make decisions in your 60s or 70s that will affect your quality of life for a very long time

The campaign also encourages people to overcome the fear of self care, and use the increasing number of reliable resources like the NHS Choice website ( which includes a symptoms checker and advice on healthy living. It also advises people how they can help manage their own long-term conditions.

Dr Pidsley said: “You only live once and it is good to feel in control of your health. Understanding the significance of symptoms will reduce anxiety. It will also allow people to enjoy good health, pursuing an active lifestyle, rather than attend GP surgery or hospital.

“Winter is a particularly good time to think about self care as it can really help stave off illnesses like cold and flu and I would recommend all patients over 65 and those with chest, heart or diabetes conditions take up the flu vaccination.”

People who want to know more about self care can contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or their GP surgery.

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