On Monday 16th September, East Staffordshire Borough Council began installing new ‘Welcome to Burton upon Trent’ signs on the A5121, welcoming visitors into the town.

welcometoburtonsignsThe new signs are located on this main gateway into Burton, as people head into the town from the Branston junction of the A38. The signs are similar to those that were installed last year on Derby Road, and we are presently looking at the other key gateways to see if there are suitable locations for these welcoming signage.

The signs are designed and manufactured bespoke for East Staffordshire Borough Council, and are made of natural timber materials which reflects the town’s prominent position within the National Forest.  Colourful planter boxes will be built to compliment the timber structure.

Councillor Patricia Ackroyd, Deputy Leader for Built Environment, said: “This sign, along with the sign on Derby Road and others which are planned for the future, not only promote Burton upon Trent as the capital of the National Forest but also indicate to our residents and visitors that these roads are the main gateways into our town.”