National care home operator, Elder Homes Group, has launched a campaign to create the perfect environment for dementia sufferers. As part of the care for dementia sufferers, reminiscence pictures, books and items from the past are very much key to creating a healthy environment for not only the elderly but for those suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Elder Homes Group are therefore appealing for any old items which replicate this special time for many of the homes’ residents, e.g. a typical 1950’s radio, 1920’s lipstick case, a regional history book etc. They have created a dedicated reminiscence box, which will be kept in the managers’ offices. The items received will be used in activities such as memory games, conversation, quizzes etc.

Details of the homes in Burton on Trent are as follows:

Bridge, Burton & Trent Court
17 Ashby Road
DE15 0LB

Tel: 01283 561760
Fax: 01283 569835

Rider House
Stapenhill Road
Burton on Trent
DE15 9AE

Tel: 01283 512973
Fax: 01283 511749

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