Are you sat at home, feeling like (or being nagged that) you should do some exercise but don’t really want to put too much effort in? Then Morris dancing could be the answer you were hoping for!

Mild exercise, that takes place in the pub with the prospect of liquid refreshments before, after and during (you don’t want to work off too many calories after all!). Morris dancing is what you are looking for!

morrisAnd boy are you in luck, the premier Cotswold Morris team with the word Packington in their name are just about to commence the practice season and are more than willing to welcome new members. The only caveat to that being they need to be of a male persuasion and over 16 years of age. As a small disclaimer they have nothing against women who want to dance and can highly recommend a few female and mixed sides in the vicinity, the men of the side just like a night off from their better halves (in the long and illustrious history of the side the ‘better halves’ have never complained of a night off from the men either!), where they are free to swear, burp and make other bodily/gaseous emissions guilt free!

Now perhaps I should delve into some of the details of what Cotswold Dancing entails. Loathe some as I am to stoop to stereotype it wouldn’t be far off so conjure in your mind’s eye an image of bearded ale drinking mean wearing bells, white trousers and waving sticks. It is a style of traditional dance originally from the greater Cotswold area and involved a choreographed series of steps to music using either sticks or hankies to extenuate the moves.

The team of Packington Morris Men, also known as Packington Bull and Lion, were not too imaginative when generating a name having been first established in the 1970’s at the Bull and Lion Pub in Packington. A place where they can still be seen on either Mayday, or Boxing day for their annual dance displays. More recently they can be seen at their newer practice venue, the Odd House Inn Snarestone.

The team practice once a week on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 8pm. If you fancy coming along please contact the team via their website ( to ensure practice is happening, or if you wish to get more information, or to see the team in high flying action!

Phil Quelch
(Packington Bagman)