During East Staffordshire Borough Council’s relocation from Burton Town Hall to the Maltsters, a collection of historic documents were discovered. These documents provide insight into the history of Burton upon Trent between the 1840’s to 1914.

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As the majority of the information relates to the early development of the town’s sewage infrastructure, as well as historic information relating to Claymills Pumping Station, the Council have asked that the Claymills Pumping Station Trust accept the documents to add to their archive.

During the period covered by the documents, the town was undergoing massive changes from an essentially rural/agricultural economy to one of industry and commerce. The population was increasing rapidly and the influx of breweries and related industries was putting serious strain upon the limited sewerage infrastructure. The documents, contained in two ring binders, give a real insight into the scientific work and political discussions which took place over a number of years and involved the leading scientists of the day.
The eventual result was the construction of the Claymills Pumping Station and subsequently the development of a safe and healthy sewage treatment system for Burton upon Trent.

Councillor Robert Hardwick, Deputy Leader for Regulatory Services, said: “The Council are pleased to pass this important archive information to the Claymills Pumping Station relating to the development of the town’s public health engineering infrastructure. The information dates from the 1840’s and gives an insight into the development of the innovative solutions to problems that the Burton upon Trent Corporation adopted which enabled it to develop into the prosperous, clean and healthy town that we know today.”

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