East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Bulky Waste Service has maintained its charges since 2005 but with increased transport and disposal costs over the past 6 years the current prices need to be increased to stop the service being run at a loss.  Presently the charges are £10 for up to 3 items, then £3 per additional item. This will be amended to £20 for up to 6 items, then £5 per additional item (up to a maximum of 10 items). Fridges and freezers will be charged at £20 per unit.

The collection service helps residents with items that are too large or too heavy to fit in their wheeled bins including sofas, tables, fridges and freezers.

old fridge

Councillor Julia Jessel, Deputy Leader for Built Environment, said: “We have had to increase our charges to cover costs so that only those residents that use the service will pay for its delivery. The new charges are still competitive with neighbouring local authorities.

“Although we have increased the minimum payment, we have also increased the number of items that will be collected for this fee and the service represents very good value. Furthermore, by working in partnership with the YMCA, the Council can ensure that as many of the items as possible are reused.

“We also intend to explore how we can further increase re-use and make the service even more efficient by working in partnership with other third sector organisations and Staffordshire Authorities.”

Residents may book a bulky waste collection by contacting the Customer Service Centre in Burton or Uttoxeter or by visiting the Council’s website at www.eaststaffsbc.gov.uk/services/wasteandrecycling/

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