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Event Date and Time
Sun 25 November
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

The Wetmore Whistle



Little Giants

Sunday 25th November

at The Wetmore Whistle

The Wetmore Whistle Burton on Trent

Doors 2.30pm Free Entry
Amongst the plethora of classic rock covers, tribute and the inevitable blues bands which populate the local band scene it makes a refreshing change to see a band who are genuinely different AND entertaining.

Little Giants are a grown-up band, for grown-up people – but make no mistake – they are also about as much fun as you can have on a Thursday night whilst keeping your clothes on. If the prospect of a combination of funk, soul, country and rock makes you feel like heading for the door already, then hold tight my friend, because these chaps (and chapessies) are going to surprise and challenge a few misconceptions.

Kicking off with some Elvis (the Costello version), “Pump It Up” stomps with gentle power and some nice sax from the lovely Mel Taylor (not just there for eye candy fellas) before launching head first into The Black Crowes’ “Hard To Handle”, lead vocalist / guitarist Gary Russell swaggers effortlessly into rock mode, and it’s a very capable cover of a difficult song to do well.

“Get It On” (T-Rex) is a well-known classic but “Shakey Ground” takes into the not so often heard territory of country artist T Graham Brown. Country music is much misunderstood in the UK, but Little Giants have the guile to pull it off successfully, without resorting to cliché. Next up, introduced as “a song about willies” is John Hiatt’s “Little Head” and any band that does a John Hiatt cover is alright by me. (What do you mean “Who”? – Google is your friend.). A change of lead vocals as Kev Kirwan (Bass) takes over the duties for Redbone’s “Witch Queen” (a bass player with a decent voice? – impressive) and then it’s all change again, Mel transferring to violin for the rolling “18 Wheels And A Crowbar” (BR549 – time to get Googling again folks!) which chugs away nicely before the set closer “Hands To Yourself”, the Georgia Satellites’ rocker.

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