East Staffordshire Borough Council is proud to unveil its top 10 projects for the next financial year.

At next week’s Council meeting, Members are set to unveil the Corporate Plan for the next 12 months.

Included in the Corporate Plan are a number of key projects which have been identified for the 2013/14 financial year. Whilst all the projects are important there are ten which stand out.

1.    Inner Burton Initiative

Town Hall and Civic Offices

Town Hall and Civic Offices (Photo credit: Diego’s sideburns)

This scheme will improve the linkages to the town centre and improve yet another gateway into the town.  Working with the County Council and local stakeholders, the Council will deliver elevational improvements to the properties and enhance the kerb appeal, including works to the High Street itself.  This very much builds on the IBHI programme, which has to date delivered improvements to over 150 properties in Burton, all within budget and to programme.

2.    Launch a New Business Development Fund

The neighbourhood working fund has successfully delivered valuable community projects.  Building on this excellent work, and to ensure the Council actively supports the growth of local employment, a similar arrangement will be launched for local businesses to utilise.  This exciting scheme will help stimulate the growth of the economy in East Staffordshire by targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to expand and create new jobs.

3.    Improving Uttoxeter Leisure Facilities

This year will see further development in the proposals for the improved leisure facilities in Uttoxeter. There will inevitably be significant progress made on the procurement process, which will include the development of the specification as well as the procurement of the new development. Plans will be made available for the users to view – identifying the various options that are open to the authority for this prominent capital investment.

4.    UEFA Ladies U-17 Football Tournament

Following on from its success with the Olympic Torch Relay, the Council will be actively involved with UEFA, the FA and Burton Albion in hosting the European Ladies U-17 Football Tournament between November and December 2013. This is the first time that this prestigious event has been held outside Switzerland and will result in the showcasing of the Council’s partnership working across the Borough with schools, football clubs (particularly with ladies’ football), as well as a number of civic and community engagements.

5.    Burton Market Hall Development

2013 will see the commencement of the building work element of the refurbishment of the Market Hall. Whilst the project plan expects the works to commence in October, every effort is being made to bring this date forward, meaning the Hall will be open to the public sooner than anticipated. During 2013, the authority will also be looking at ways of building upon the success of the outdoor market move to Station Street.

6.    Family Nurse Partnership

Following on for our successful Anglesey pilot, the Council, working with the health sector, will expand the resource to provide the Family Nurse Practitioner to our urban areas, increasing the number of professionals supporting service delivery threefold.

7.    Wurlitzer Birthday Celebration

The Function Suite at Burton Town Hall is privileged enough to have housed a Wurlitzer Theatre Organ for forty years on the 16th April 2013. To commemorate this significant event for the community of East Staffordshire and visitors from around the world who come to play and listen to the mighty Wurlitzer, the Council will be holding two days of celebrations in April.

8.    Development Proposal for Former Bargates

Given the weakness of the present economic climate, the Council will take a proactive approach to support developers interested in delivering an attractive scheme to Bargates.  Therefore, a detailed design will be produced for a residential and mixed-use scheme to act as a catalyst to bring forward the new development.  At the same time, the Council will look to see how future development of the immediate surrounding area could be resolved, to ensure there is a comprehensive vision of the northern end of the town centre.

9.    Public Protection

As part of the Council’s regulatory role, it will not only enact new legislation but increasingly work with the public and the private sector to inform through advice and guidance. Where appropriate it will also intervene with direct action, working with other agencies where necessary.

10.    Brewhouse Arts Centre

During this year there will be continued focus on the options being explored for the management arrangements within the Brewhouse with Derby QUAD.

Councillor Richard Grosvenor, Leader of the Council commented: “There are a number of exciting projects planned for the forthcoming 12 months and beyond, as set out in the Corporate Plan, which we hope demonstrate our commitment to working with residents, staff and partners to continue to bring improvements to the Borough.

“The top ten projects highlighted here provide a snap shot of the exciting programme we plan to deliver.”

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