Council Post Impressive Performance Figures

East Staffordshire Borough Council has announced another successful year of performance in terms of financial success and targets delivered.

Officers from East Staffordshire Borough Council presented the end of year performance and financial reports to the Council’s Cabinet on Monday 10th June. The report highlighted that over 90% of the Council’s targets have been achieved.

The report also identifies how well the Council has performed in comparison to other local authorities.

There are 19 indicators that are included in this exercise that are relevant to East Staffordshire Borough Council. Of these indicators we have been ranked as 1st or joint 1st for 9 of these 18, putting the Council at the top in 50% of the indicators.

There are a further five indicators where the Council is placed in 2nd or 3rd position, which means the Council is in the top three for over 75% of the indicators.

In terms of financial performance the Council is pleased to announce an under-spend against the Councils revenue budget of £0.7m for the full financial year. The  average  rate  of  return  on  the  council’s  investments  throughout  2012/13 was 1.18%, which exceeded both the base rate and the model portfolio return by some margin.

Councillor Richard Grosvenor, Leader of the Council, said: “The evidence shows that the Council has once again performed strongly throughout the year. Not only have we achieved 90% of our targets but we are in the top three performing authorities in 75% of our indicators.

“The Council has had a very successful year, completing numerous projects in the borough and these performance figures reflect this success.

“The Council is being well run financially and if you compared our financial position with other Councils you will find they are not in as good health as ESBC.”

Chief Executive Andy O’Brien added: “What is particularly pleasing is how well we have performed compared to other Councils. ESBC has proven itself to be in a very strong position in terms of both performance and finance.

“I would however like to make it clear that although these are pleasing figures we will continue to work hard in order to achieve the same value for money we currently offer.”