Visitors to the Council’s Leisure Centres such as The Meadowside may have noticed that new interactive feedback systems have been installed, allowing members of the public to share their thoughts and opinions on the Council’s facilities.meadowside1.png

The feedback system is a touch screen device and members of the public simply have to select one of options to give their rating. There is the opportunity to give more detailed feedback if necessary.

The introduction of an electronic system will reduce the amount of paper forms that the Council uses when consulting with customers and will also ensure that feedback is collected throughout the year, providing the Council with constant feedback rather than a snapshot at any one time.

Councillor Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Service Commissioning, said: “The new feedback system gives our customers the opportunity to leave feedback through a quick and simple system. Through monitoring feedback we can track trends and by acting upon customer views and opinions we can become more responsive to needs of our members and residents and take on board their comments.

“The installation of this feedback system shows how important feedback is to the Council and highlights our dedication to providing the best service we possibly can.”

The interactive feedback system will also be installed in the Brewhouse Arts Centre.

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