East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to adopt its SMART Borough strategy which will run until December 2014. The strategy will take advantage of the opportunities information communication and technology provides to increase local public value, local prosperity and local competitiveness.

Councillor Bernard Peters, Deputy Leader for Service Commissioning, said: “This strategy will enable the Council to take advantage of the various opportunities advancements in communication and technology offer. By adopting this strategy, ESBC will be able to provide better services, deliver more efficiencies and remain competitive.”

The SMART Borough strategy will improve service delivery through an increase in web based technologies and self service. More Council services will be available electronically for residents and businesses through a variety of channels and the strategy commits an improvement in its infrastructure through investment in internal IT architecture and energy improvement plans.

Councillor Bernard Peters added: “It’s important that ESBC offer residents and businesses further ways of interacting with the Council whilst not losing sight of the traditional methods of communication including our customer service centres. We are a progressive authority and the adoption of the SMART Borough strategy shows the Council’s commitment to providing better value to the public.

“There are lots of SMART City projects in existence but we believe this to be the first SMART borough of its kind.”

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