Council Introduce Cheaper Charge for Two-Hour Parking

Earlier this year, East Staffordshire Borough Council launched a public consultation on a new parking tariff proposal which ran for two months.

The parking charges in East Staffordshire car parks have not increased over the last five years.

One pound (British coin)

We have listened to many views from the general public, and as a result will instigate a flat charge of £1 for a two-hour stay. This will come into effect next April.

Sunday tariffs will remain free in Uttoxeter, and, in Burton upon Trent, they will reflect the tariffs for Monday to Saturday. However, we will be open to consider free car parking on pre-determined days if it can be demonstrated such an arrangement would benefit the local community, both in terms of businesses and residents.

A Council spokesman said: “We would like to thank the public for their views, which has shaped our new tariff.  As well as being a simple arrangement to car park users, this new tariff offers excellent value when taking into account the increase in costs, VAT and inflation that have all gone up since the last parking charge review.  To put this into perspective, if these increases were applied directly, the present £1.20 charge for a 2-hour stay would be £1.75, substantially higher than the new £1 charge”.

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